Here is the project site of xsim(X Simple Input Method).

xsim is an input method server for Linux and FreeBSD, i'm not sure it can run on other type *nix.

By now u can input chinese in X Windows System using pinyin, wubi, cangjie....

you can download the latest version of xsim source here

the last version is xsim-

I will not create any binary packages myself, i'm too lazy. but someone help me and build some for xsim.

Here is the latest

xsim_0.3.9.2-1_i386.deb (made by pastebt)

xsim-0.3.9-TLW7CN_1.i586.rpm (made by linuxrat)

Any question mail me xsim@myrealbox.com

Here is some news(in chinese :p)

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